Monday, April 30, 2012

Falling Shining Star(s)

Falling Shining Star(s)
-timothy michael fulghum-
Starring… “The Martyr.”

Give me your ignorance,
and I’ll give you my bliss.
Iced, cerulean eyes pour, screaming,
and you drown in your abyss:
this sham of a shell –
the life you don’t lead.
I’m not your ticket from hell,
but I’ll try all you need.

Give me your lie,
and I’ll share you my truth:
your porcelain’s cracking,
your cold eyes are proof.
Proof you’re nearly too far –
too far deep within.
You’re still my shining star,
I can’t let you fall again.

Give me your tears,
and I’ll bring you smiles.
The rubied lips I once kissed
now call me the, “Liar.” –
lies that I’ve taken you for granted,
and withheld my hand.
You’ll remain my boyfriend and
I’ll be the man you call friend.

Give me your death-wish,
and I’ll show you new life.
We’ll push to be happy
and work past the fights.
My darling, my star,
shining – you’ll remain; and
when times are hard,
I’ll be the man you call friend.

Starring… “The Fallen.”

Babe, keep your “bliss,”
I’d rather be blind
among the sheep in the river;
they’re far more kind.
Your hazel eyes, shit –
stink, horrid, for miles.
I don’t want your ticket,
Just let me drown “in denial.”

I’d rather the lie
than to hear something “honest.”
My life may be breaking,
but I don’t masquerade Adonis.
I’m not your pet project,
your afterschool special;
I’m just your sad “little reject”
who didn’t know better.

I’d rather the pain –
a badge deserving of pleasure.
But when the getting got going,
you took extreme measures:
I needed my lover,
but you played “my sage.”
You starred as my keeper
and I boiled enraged.

We could have had it all,
but now I regret
wanting my hand in yours,
yet regret begets
mistake. Though you taught
me more than I planned,
when times get hard,
I’ll know which man not to call friend.

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  1. I love this one so much. My goodness, I wish I'd known how amazing a poet you were!