Monday, April 30, 2012

My Friend

My Friend
-timothy michael fulghum-
If you spoke to my friend,
I’m sure he would tell you:
“My joys are good-natured;
it’s something we all do.”

First, he’d spend a moment on Psalms,
but just to be clear:
remove the ‘S,’ and
you have ‘palms.’

Keep in mind,
he’s very dear.
So, don’t freak out
when he switches gears.

Sometimes he’s quick;
sometimes he is slow.
“But, after I rise,
I’m ready to go!”

He warms up immediately,
he hates to disagree!
‘Cause he’ll turn blue
if you do –
at least ‘til you see:

“Life is full of so many pleasures!
And, once you agree,
I know you’ll feel better!”
The connection my friend wants you to make
is to drop stress: relax and masturbate.

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